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About Us

We use only 100% non-toxic, organic (whenever possible) cleaning products that are good for your family and good for the environment. Our products are natural containing essential oils and simple ingredients such as lemon and vinegar to refresh and deeply clean your home.

A naturally clean home is a healthy home...

Your home is where your loved ones are. It’s where you go to retreat after a long day at work. Of course you want to create a clean, comfortable, relaxing and safe environment there.

Did you know that the products used to clean your home can have a profound effect on your families health and well being?

Health Benefits for You and Your Employees: Using natural products for your cleaning service instead of chemical cleaners prevents you and your staff from suffering from adverse health effects.

It makes such a difference cleaning with great smelling aromatherapy products rather than inhaling the bleach and other harsh chemical smells of the chemical products.

You, your family and your employees will enjoy cleaning, and your customers will love coming home to a home filled with wonderful aromatherapy scents!

Managed Team

Our team is assiduously trained, monitored and graded to meet the highest cleaning standards as well as your needs and expectations.

Management is multilingual and is constantly available via email, text or cell phone so that we can meet any changes that you might need to make.


We use only the highest quality natural, organic (whenever possible) and biodegradable cleaning products. There are no paper towels or toxic chemicals of any kind. We strive on being 100% earth-friendly. We make our own products. That means that you do not pay more for our services just because we use natural organic products. We get the best deal so you can get the best prices!